Morning SHow Interview

Flashback Friday 

Candid chat with Kylie Gillies & Larry Emdur on Channel 7 Australia's The Morning Show. I really enjoyed myself and must have done something right - Peachymama's orders went through the roof ;)


I Got You Babe (Feat. Shaggy)

Sonny & Cher Classic 

I covered this song for the movie Welcome to Woop Woop and shot the video in L.A. - Shaggy was a lot of fun.  


Merril Bainbridge & Coolio

Presenting at the American Music Awards 1997

Coolio and I presented the award to D’Angelo. Backstage I spent time chatting and drinking tea with all three Bee Gees while Alice Cooper sat nearby eating a sandwich. A great time. 


Up Close and Personal


An intimate chat with one of Australian TV's most respected interviewers. Includes a performance of Lonely.


Girl Next Door

with Samuel Johnson

I loved doing this clip with Samuel Johnson. I got to experiment with acting. At the time I was pregnant with my son and I take the opportunity to show off my big beautiful belly.


Sydney From a 747

Directed by Bruce Beresford

Shot in my studio with some friends and members of my production team this video was directed by Bruce Beresford. “Sydney from a 747″, written and previously recorded by Paul Kelly. My version appeared in the film ‘Sydney – A Story of a City’, released as part of an official music compilation for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.


Walk on Fire

Like the Travelling Wilburys only Prettier

If you look closely at this video it has all my fabulous team members in it. The characters you see were all part of my Production team and Record company.



First Edit Version

This version is a copy straight off the Director’s first edit. Its not the version that made it to TV but I like it.


Between The Days

Molly Meldrum’s Countdown Flashback

The start of this clip features my friend Molly Meldrum who really supported my music. Its a takeoff of his show Countdown, an Australian Music TV show from the 70’s & 80’s. My band were awesome. Thank you. 


Under The Water

Universal Music Release

This clip was shot in the US for the release of Under The Water. Check out the two big guys at the end.


Sleeping Dogs

Rock Out

This clip was me playing all the instruments, based on an early Wings clip.