• In 1994, Ross Fraser heard a demo of mine, played it to John Farnham and signed me to their new label Gotham Records, which was distributed through BMG (now Sony) Australia.
  • I spent the next 9 months locked away with a group of really talented people in Powerplant, a large recording studio in Melbourne, writing and recording my debut album, The Garden.


  • One day Ross heard a demo of a new track I’d just finished writing.  He was excited.  It was simple with a quick vocal I’d recorded in the control room, a guitar groove and a vocal beatbox drum loop. It was called Mouth and became the first single off my debut album, The Garden.
  • When we first released Mouth it was ignored by radio and lost in the Christmas rush.
  • In February of 1995, Tony Glover, BMG’s A&R manager took the song to Adelaide where it became an instant radio hit.
  • Mouth ended up going to No.1 Nationally and staying there for 6 consecutive weeks.
  • Mouth went on to sell over a Million copies Worldwide.


  • My first album, The Garden was released with the second single, Under The Water.
  • Both sold well with Under The Water at No.4 on the charts and The Garden at No. 5.


  • 1996 – a loophole in my contract gave me the chance to sign with a different Record Company in the US.
  • I signed with Universal Music in New York.
  • Mouth became the most requested song Nationally on American radio for 3 weeks running.
  • After 12 weeks on the American Billboard Chart it went to #4 and stayed there.
  • Mouth was the most played song on US radio over the 1996 Christmas period.
  • Mouth spent 30 weeks in the charts selling 600,000 copies and earning me my first US Gold single.


  • Promoting Mouth in the USA took me to 42 cities in 6 weeks. Sometimes doing 3 cities a day.
  • Flew by Lear jet between Dallas and Austin for 2 separate gigs in the one night.
  • Performed with Sheryl Crow and No Doubt at Madison Square Garden, NYC.
  • Toured America playing with Jewel and Wallflowers (Bob Dylan’s son)
  • Got to meet some great people – Roger Daltrey, KD Lang, Ray Manzarek (The Doors) just to name a few.
  • Presented at the Billboard Awards and was backstage while Madonna presented and Celine Dion performed.
  • Presented with Coolio at The American Music Awards.
  • Drank tea with all three Bee Gees backstage and shared a sandwich with Alice Cooper.
  • Performed at Disney Land and got a special VIP tour behind the scenes through underground tunnels.
  • Performed with John Farnham at Melbourne Grand Prix to 50 thousand people.


  • I wrote songs for the second album while touring US, Europe and Asia.
  • When I returned to Australia I bought an old Church and converted it into a recording studio.
  • I recorded the new album there.
  • I began my own label producing new artists – who we later signed to BMG and one band to Columbia (Sony) in the US.
  • Shaggy and I did a cover together of the Sonny & Cher hit, ‘I Got You Babe’ and shot the video in LA.
  • I joined John Farnham on his “I Can’t Believe He’s 50″ Australia wide tour with Kate Ceberano, Ross Wilson, James Reyne, and Human Nature – singing duet with John on ‘Burn for You’ and ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head’.
  • In 2000, I wrote and recorded the song “Friends” for the Australian film ‘The Magic Pudding’.
  • I recorded Paul Kelly’s ‘Sydney from a 747’ and filmed the video with Bruce Beresford.


  • By the time we’d finished recording the third album, everyone at BMG were excited about its impending release and the up coming promotional touring schedule.
  • I married my long time friend and co-writer Owen Bolwell.
  • And became pregnant with my first child.
  • After my son’s birth, I kept working promoting my first single, Girl Next Door.
  • But one day, after returning from a weekend interstate, I noticed that my baby would no longer look at me, he kept turning away and just snuggled into his dad and wouldn’t let go. I naturally burst into tears and spent the rest of the week doing some hard thinking.
  • I decided to take a break.
  • It was good timing.
  • Because the Record industry was beginning to feel the bite of the free downloading trend and BMG was in the middle of a takeover by Sony. It was messy.


  • During my break I had my second child.
  • Finding nothing to wear while breastfeeding, I started my own breastfeeding clothing label, Peachymama
  • Launched in February 2013 the label is rapidly expanding and today is one of the most successful online retailers of clothing for new mothers.